The Final Change 

In retrospect, Changing Currents was quite aptly named. Change has struck the band once again, this time for good. After we fulfill our remaining obligations to our kickstarter backers, The Real California will be done.
In the meantime, Ron and I are marching on. Playing music has been a part of our lives since we were thirteen years old. We have no plans to stop making music that we love and that we want to share. We have already begun building a new band and will focus on playing in Northeast Ohio with much more frequency. We will also continue in a side project with Real California bassist Ryan Johanssen, focusing on instrumental songs that will feature musical collaborators from around the country and around the globe.
We wish Jeff Harris, Ryan Anatra, and Ryan Johanssen well in any musical endeavors going forward. Ron and I look forward to what’s ahead musically and we are excited to move forward in a new musical direction as we form a new band. We appreciate the support we have garnered over the years and the new friends we have made.